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Santa Fe Opera. Opera co. in Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded 1957 by John Crosby. Orig. theatre destroyed by fire 1967, rebuilt 1968 (capacity 1,773). 2-month annual summer fest., theatre being partially in open-air. Adventurous policy, operas receiving there incl. Floyd's Wuthering Heights (1958), Berio's Opera (1970), and Villa-Lobos's Yerma (1971). F.p. since 17th cent. of Cavalli's Egisto. F. Amer. ps. of Berg's Lulu (both incomplete and complete versions), Henze's Boulevard Solitude and The Bassarids, Strauss's Daphne, Shostakovich's The Nose, Britten's Owen Wingrave, Stephen Oliver's Duchess of Malfi, and Judith Weir's Blond Eckbert.

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Santa Fe Opera

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