Reale, Paul

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Reale, Paul

Reale, Paul , American composer and pianist; b. New Brunswick, N.J., March 2, 1943. He studied with Luening and Chou Wen-chung at Columbia Univ. (B.A., 1963; M.A., 1967) and with Rochberg and Crumb at the Univ. of Pa. (Ph.D., 1970). He joined the faculty of the Univ. of Calif, at Los Angeles in 1969, becoming a prof. in 1980. As a pianist, he toured Europe, South America, and China; from 1970, specialized in playing 20th-century American music. He also performed numerous guest lectures at the piano on 20th-century music and philosophy. Reale’s catalog of Works is quite extensive, and covers virtually all genres. His Works are mostly based in tonality.


DRAMATIC : Pange Lingua for Baritone and Chamber Orch. (1967); The Traveler for Tenor, Flute/Piccolo, and Piano (1969); Terza Prattica for Soloists, Chorus, and Orch. (1972); Mad Ophelia for Soprano, Chamber Orch., and Tape (1974); America: A Premature Celebration for Flute, Violin, Guitar, and Narrator, after e. e. Cummings (1975); The Waltz King for Vocal Soloists, 2 Violins, Piano, and Narrator (1976); The Ballad of the Sleazy Palace Cafe, opera, after Peter Belfiore (1979); Uncle Sigmund Goes to the Opera, opera (1986). ORCH.: Concerto for Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Celesta, and 2 String Orch.s. (1966); Oxyrhynchus Fragment (1973–78); Concerto “Dies Irae”; for Piano Trio and Winds (1982); Concertino for Guitar and Winds (1984); Chorales for Piano and Brass (1986); 2 piano concertos: No. 1 (1986) and No. 2, Matisse-Jazz (1992); Voyages in Memory for Orch. and Synthesizer (1987; also for Orch. and Mezzo-soprano); Violin Concerto (1990); Columbus Concerto for Organ and Wind Ensemble (1991); Dancer’s Dream for String Orch. (1993; originally for 9 Solo Strings, 1980); Sinfonia Concertante, “La Folia”; (1995); ’Watchman, Tell us of the Night, concerto for 3 Trumpets and Wind Ensemble (1997); Caldera with Ice Cave for Piano and String Orch. (1999). Wind Ensemble : Screamers (1980); Moonrise, a Polonaise, Early Light (1983; rev. 1985). CHAMBER : Nel Sonno for Mixed Chamber Ensemble (1966); Concertino for 2 Flutes, 2 Bassoons, and Cello (1967–69); Late Telophase for Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Piano, and Percussion Effects (1971); Joshua’s Trumpet for Piano and Winds (1972); The Mysterious Death of the Magic Realist for Viola, Cello, Guitar, and Harpsichord (1972); 2+2/3 for 2 Violins and 2 Pianos (1975); String Quartet (1976); Eleven Miniatures for Wind Quintet (1978); Partita for Flute and String Trio (1978); Music for Open Spaces for 10 Brass (1982); Graces and Furies for Clarinet and String Quartet (1988); Dvofâk, Anyone? for Saxophone Quartet (1991); Seraphim and Cherubim for Flute Choir (1991); The Wexford Carol for String Quartet (1992); Of Chrome and Brass for 2 Euphoniums and 2 Tubas (1993); Ceilidh for String Quartet (1996); Fanfare for Easter, “Victimae Paschali”; for 2 Trumpets, Horn, 2 Trombones, and Tuba (1999); also numerous Works for solo instruments, including several for guitar, as well as duets and trios. KEYBOARD : Solo Piano : Piece for Piano 1967 (1969); Piano Suite (1970); Finger Teasers (1974; also for Tape as Tape Teasers); Salon Music (1975); Pieces of Seven (1978); Bagatrix (1980); Hand Of Glory (1983); Simple Suite (1983); Classy Contemporaries (2 vols., 1983–84); 8 piano sonatas: No. 1, First Sonata (1985), No. 2, Dance Sonata (1985), No. 3, Sonata Brahm-siana (1985), No. 4, Sonata Rochbergiana (1987), No. 5 (1988), No. 6, The Waste Land (1992), No. 7, Veni Creator Spiritus (1994), and No. 8, II Trionfo della Folia (1997); Ex Cello and Stride (1989); Improvisations (1993); Encore (1996); Acrobatics (1998). 2 Pianos : Period Piece (1990); Serge P (1993; based on Prokofiev’s op.56); CPE for Two Pianos (1999); Drowsey Maggie (1999); Waltzes, Old and New (1999). Piano, 4-hands : Little Screamers (1981; from Screamers for Wind Ensemble, 1980). Organ : Fantasie (1970); Intavolatura III (1978). Harpsichord : Within the Circle of Fifths (1974); Suite for Harpsichord (1977). VOCAL : Choral : Alleluia Sequence for Solo Women’s Voices and Women’s Chorus (1973); Motet: Miserere for Chorus (1973); Season for Darkness for Chorus, 3 Trombones, Celesta, Timpani, and Organ (1973); Contrafactum for Men’s Choruses and Piano (1975); Psalm 118 for Chorus (1975); I Felt a Funeral for Women’s Chorus, 3 Clarinets, and Piano, after Dickinson (1976); Libera Me for Solo Men’s Voices and Men’s Chorus (1976); Blessings of God for Chorus (1978); Spring and Fall for Chorus, after Hopkins (1978); Ave Maria for Chorus (1979); The Lamb for Solo Bass and Women’s Chorus, after Blake (1981); We All Loved You, Jenny Jo for Mezzo-soprano and Chorus (1981); Ecce Tu Pulcher Es for Women’s Chorus (1982); What is Life for Chorus (1985); Psalm 84 for Chorus and Organ (1995); On This Stone for Solo Sopranos, Baritone, Chorus, Flute, 2 Violins, Handbells, and Organ (1998); Psalm 109 for 2 Sopranos, Chorus, and Organ (2000). Songs : 3 Songs from the Chinese for Mezzo- soprano, Oboe, and Percussion, after Rexroth (1967–68); Bicinium No. 2 for Tenor and Guitar, after Milarepa (1973); Regrets of Adolescence for Soprano, Trumpet, and Bass Clarinet (1978); Hopkins Songs for Tenor and Piano (1994); Serene Words, 5 songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano, after Mistral (2000). TAPE: Tape Teasers (1974; also for Piano as Finger Teasers).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire