Real Time: Siege at Lucas Street Market

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Real Time: Siege at Lucas Street Market ★★ 2000

Deals with an armed robbery at a convenience store, which escalates into a hostage situation. What makes “Real Time” unique is that the story is played out through instore security video, policecar cameras, and TV news footage. While this approach is interesting, it also depersonalizes the action, deflating the drama. At times, it feels like an extended episode of “Cops.” On DVD, every scene can be viewed from a second angle, giving the movie the extra kick that it needs. Unfortunately, the inventiveness behind the camera never matches the onscreen action. 72m/C DVD . Michael Cornelison, Chadrick Hoch, Tom Keane, Carol German, Sandy Grillet; D: Max Allan Collins; W: Max Allan Collins; C: Phillip W. Dingeldein.