Raxach, Enrique

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Raxach, Enrique

Raxach, Enrique , Spanish-born Dutch composer; b. Barcelona, Jan. 15, 1932. After studies with Nuri Aymerich, he attended the summer courses in new music in Darmstadt given by Messiaen, Boulez, Maderna, and Stockhausen (1959–66). In 1962 he settled in the Netherlands and in 1969 became a naturalized Dutch citizen. In his music, Raxach utilizes various contemporary modes of expression, including electronics.


DRAMATIC : Reflections Inside, electronic ballet music (1992–94). ORCH.: Polifonías for Strings (1953–56); 6 Mouvements (1955); Metamorphose I (1956), II (1958), and III for 15 Solo Instruments (1959); Prometheus, renamed Poème (1957–58); Fluxión for 17 Players (1962–63); Syntagma (1964–65); Textures (1965–66); Equinoxial for Winds, Percussion, Hammond Organ, and Double Basses (1967–68); Inside Out for Orch. and Tape ad libitum (1969); Figuren in einer Landschaft (1972–74); Ad Marginem, triple concerto for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Orch. (1974–75); Erdenlicht (1975); Am Ende des Regenbogens (1980); Opus Incertum for Large Chamber Orch. (1985); Calks y suefiosin memoriam Garcia Lorca for Chamber Orch. (1986); Codex Z for Large Wind Orch. and Bambuso Sonore (Bamboo Organ) ad libitum (1991); Piano Concertino (1994–95); Chapter Three, Stage 1 (1997). CHAMBER : 2 string quartets: No. 1, Fases (1961) and No. 2, with live electronics ad libitum (1971); Imaginary Landscape for Flute and Percussionist (1968); Scatter-time for 6 Players (1971); Chimaera for Bass Clarinet and Tape (1974); Aubade for Percussion Quintet (1978); The Hunting in Winter for Horn and Piano (1979); Careful with that… for Clarinet and Percussionist (1982); Chalumeau for Clarinet Quartet (1982); Ode for Flute and String Trio (1982); Vòrtice for 6 Bass and 3 Contrabass Clarinets (1983); Antevisperas for Saxophone Quartet (1986); Asalto for Saxophone and Piano (1986); Obessum for Bassoon and 9 Accordions (1988); Danses Pythiques for Harp (1992); Decade for Bass Clarinet and Accordion (1992); Neumes for 6 Percussionists (1996). KEYBOARD : Piano : Ricercare (1976); 12 Preludes (1993–94). Organ : Tientos (1964–65); The Looking Glass (1967); Paralipomena (1996). VOCAL : Pequena Cantata for Tenor and Small Ensemble (1952); Fragmento II for Soprano, Flute, and 2 Percussionists (1965–66); Paraphrase for Mezzo-soprano and 11 Players (1969); Interface for Chorus and Orch. (1971–72); Sine Nomine for Soprano and Orch. (1973); Soirée musicale for Women’s Chorus, Bass Clarinet, and Orch. (1978); …hub of ambiguity for Soprano and 8 Players (1984); Nocturno del hueco for Chorus, Large Ensemble, and Tape (1990).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire