Rawson, Katherine 1955–

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Rawson, Katherine 1955–


Born December 25, 1955, in CT. Education: M.A.T. Hobbies and other interests: Parrots, nature, hiking.


E-mail—[email protected].


Author and educator. Teacher of English as a second language; education writer.


If You Were a Parrot, illustrated by Sherry Rogers, Sylvan Dell Publishing (Mt. Pleasant, SC), 2006.


"Like many writers, I learned to love books and reading from an early age," Katherine Rawson told SATA. "I grew up in a family of readers, surrounded by a variety of books, including a wide selection of children's literature. As an adult, my interest in children's books was re-ignited when I worked as an elementary school teacher. I designed my reading and language programs around children's literature because I discovered that there are so many wonderful examples out there that have so much to offer on many different levels. Good children's literature is both delightful and enriching, and some of my favorite books of all time are children's books.

"One of the things I enjoy most about books for young children is their brevity. Because the word count is limited, the writer must find exactly the right words to express his or her meaning. Every single word has to matter. This is what makes writing for young children such a challenge, and it is also what makes reading it such a joy."

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