Rawson, Claude Julien

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RAWSON, Claude Julien

RAWSON, Claude Julien. British. Genres: Literary criticism and history. Career: University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Lecturer in English, 1959-65; University of Warwick, Lecturer, 1965-68, Sr. Lecturer, 1968-71, Professor of English, 1971-85; University of Illinois, George Sherburn Professor of English, 1985-86; Yale University, New Haven, CT, Maynard Mack Professor of English, 1986-. British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, President, 1974-75; Unwin Critical Library, General Ed., 1975-; Chairman, Yale Eds. of the Private Papers of James Boswell, 1990-, and Blackwell Critical Biographies, 1985-; Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, 1987-; American Academy of Arts & Science, Fellow, 2000-. Publications: Henry Fielding: Profiles in Literature, 1968; (and ed.) Focus Swift, 1971; Henry Fielding and the Augustan Ideal under Stress, 1972; Gulliver and the Gentle Reader: Studies in Swift and Our Time, 1973; Order from Confusion Sprung: Studies in 18th Century Literature, 1985; Satire and Sentiment, 1660-1830, 1994; (with H.B. Nisbet) Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, Vol. 4: The Eighteenth Century, 1997; God, Gulliver, and Genocide, 2001. EDITOR: Fielding: A Critical Anthology, 1973; Yeats and Anglo-Irish Literature: Studies by Peter Ure, 1974; The Character of Swift's Satire: A Revised Focus, 1982; English Satire and the Satiric Tradition, 1984; (with F.P. Lock) Complete Poems of Thomas Parnell, 1988; Jonathan Swift: A Collection of Critical Essays, 1994. Address: Dept. of English, Yale University, P.O. Box 208302, New Haven, CT 06520, U.S.A.