Pietkin, Lambert

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Pietkin, Lambert

Pietkin, Lambert, Walloon organist and composer; b. Liège (baptized), June 22, 1613; d. there, Sept. 16, 1696. He spent his entire career in Liège. He most likely received his training at St. Lambert Cathedral. After taking holy orders, he was made its second organist in 1630 and its first organist in 1632. Having served as its temporary maître de chapelle in 1633, he formally held that title from 1644 to 1674. He publ. a vol. of 32 motets as Sacri concentus for Voices, Instruments, and Basso Continuo (Liège, 1668). Among his other extant works are 11 further motets in Grande livre de choeur de Saint Lambert (1645) and 2 sonatas for 4 Instruments and Basso Continuo.


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—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire