Nuits dété, Les

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Nuits d'été, Les (Summer Nights). 6 songs, Op.7, by Berlioz to poems by Théophile Gautier. Comp. 1840–1, rev. 1843 and 1856. Orig. for mez. or ten. with pf. acc. Berlioz orchestrated Absence in 1843, and the rest in 1856. The songs are: 1. Villanelle. 2. Le Spectre de la rose. 3. Sur les lagunes. 4. Absence. 5. Au Cimetière. 6. L'Île inconnue. It is a rare v. which can encompass all these songs. The pubd. version for v. and pf. is marked ‘for mez. or ten.’, but in orchestrating the songs Berlioz specified the v. for each song as follows: 1. mez. or ten. 2. cont. 3. bar., cont., or mez. 4. mez. or ten. 5. ten. 6. mez. or ten.