Neusidler, Melchior

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Neusidler, Melchior

Neusidler, Melchior, distinguished German lutenist, intabulator, and composer, son of Hans Neusidler; b. Nuremberg, 1531; d. Augsburg, 1590. Around 1551 he went to Augsburg, where he became a citizen in 1552. He was leader of the “stille musica,” a group of musicians who played in the residences of the major members of the city; also performed with municipal musicians at public events. He was in Italy (1565–66), and also served as lutenist to Archduke Ferdinand II in Innsbruck (1580–81). His younger brother, Conrad Neu-sidler (b. Nuremberg [baptized], Feb. 13, 1541; d. Augsburg, c. 1604), was also a lutenist and composer; he went to Augsburg in 1562.


intabulationsfor lute:Il primo libro intabolatura di liuto di...Neysidler...ove sono madrigali, canzon francesi, pass’emezi, saltarelli & alcuni suoi ricercari (Venice, 1566); Il secondo libro intabolatura di liuto di Neysidler (Venice, 1566); Teütsch Lautenbuch, darinnenn künstliche Muteten, liebliche italienische, frantzösische, teutsch Stuck (Strasbourg, 1574).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire