Neustadt, Richard E.

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NEUSTADT, Richard E.

NEUSTADT, Richard E. American, b. 1919. Genres: Politics/Government. Career: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Associate Dean of Kennedy School of Government, 1965-75, Director, Institute of Politics, 1966-71, Lucius Littauer Professor, 1975-86, Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, 1987-89, Emeritus, 1989-. Economist, Office of Price Administration, Washington, DC, 1942; Staff Member, Bureau of the Budget, 1946-50; Member, White House Staff, 1950-53; Professor of Government, Columbia University, NYC, 1954-65. Special Consultant, Subcttee. on National Policy Machinery, U.S. Senate, Washington, DC, 1959-61; Member, Advisory Board, Commission on Money and Credit, 1960-61; Special Consultant to President Kennedy, 1961-63; Bureau of the Budget, 1961-70, Dept. of State, 1963, and to President Johnson, 1964-66; Member, Council on Foreign Relations, 1963. Publications: Presidential Power, 1960, 5th ed., 1990; Alliance Politics, 1970; (with H.V. Fineberg) The Swine Flu Affair, 1978, The Epidemic That Never Was, 1982; (with E.R. May) Thinking in Time, 1986; Report to JFK, 1999; Preparing to Be President, 2000. Died 2003.