Nardini, Pietro

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Nardini, Pietro

Nardini, Pietro, Italian violinist and composer; b. Livorno, April 12, 1722; d. Florence, May 7, 1793. He was a pupil of Tartini at Padua. From 1762 to 1765 he was solo violinist in the Stuttgart Court Orch. He lived with Tartini until the latter’s death in 1770, and then was maestro of the court music at Florence. Both Leopold Mozart and Schubart praised his playing. Among his works are 16 violin concertos, 6 sonatas for Violin and Bass, 6 violin solos, 6 viola duets, and 6 string quartets.


C. Pfafflin, P. N.: Seine Werke und sein Leben (Stuttgart, 1930; 2nd ed., 1936).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis Mclntire

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