Ma mère lOye

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Ma mère l'Oye (Mother Goose). Suite in 5 movts. by Ravel based on fairy-tales by Péricault. Orig. for 4 hands (1 pf.) (1908–10), orch. 1911 and prod. as ballet (to scenario by Ravel), Paris 1912. There are differences between the 2 versions. The 5 movts. of piano suite are (1) Pavane de la Belle au Bois dormant (Sleeping Beauty's Pavan), (2) Petit Poucet (Tom Thumb), (3) Laideronette Impératrice des Pagodes (Empress of the Pagodas), (4) Les Entretiens de la Belle et la Bête (Conversations of Beauty and the Beast), (5) Le Jardin féerique (The Fairy Garden). For the ballet Ravel added a Prélude, the Danse du Rouet and 4 extensive interludes.