Ma Vie en Rose

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Ma Vie en Rose ★★★ My Life in Pink 1997 (R)

Berliner's debut portrays seven-year-old misfit Ludovic (du Fresne), who is convinced he's really a girl and likes to dress in girls' clothes. His close-knit family merely regards this as a childhood eccentricity Ludovic will grow out of. But when the child decides he's going to marry Jerome (Rivere), the boy next door, and stages a mock wedding ceremony, things get a bit dicey. Jerome's father is the straitlaced Albert (Hanssens), who happens to be the boss of Ludovic's father, Pierre (Ecoffey), and he's not nearly so understanding (neither are the other neighbors in the conservative Parisian suburb). Poignant and funny look at a child's search for identity. Convincing turn by prepubescent performer du Fresne. 90m/C VHS, DVD . BE FR GB Georges DuFresne, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Michele Laroque, Daniel Hanssens, Julien Riviere, Helene Vincent, Laurence Bibot, Jean-Francois Galotte, Caroline Baehr, Marie Bunel; D: Alain Berliner; W: Alain Berliner, Chris Vander Stappen; C: Yves Cape; M: Dominique Dalcan. Golden Globes ‘98: Foreign Film.