Lorelei, Die

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Lorelei, Die [Loreley]. Die.
1. Unfinished opera, Op.98, by Mendelssohn (1847) to lib. by E. von Giebel based on Ger. legend of beautiful woman who sings on a mountain by the Rhine, luring sailors to death on the rocks below. Some fragments, incl. an Ave Maria, sometimes perf. in concert-hall. Operas on subject also by Ignaz Lachner (1846), Wallace (1847), Bruch (1863), Catalani (1890, rev. of Elda, 1880), and others.

2. Song by Liszt for v. and pf. to Heine's poem (1841), also with orch. and transcr. for pf. solo
3. Song by Friedrich Silcher (1789–1860) for v. and pf. to Heine's poem.