Kreutzer Sonata

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Kreutzer Sonata.
1. Nickname of Beethoven's vn. sonata in A major, Op.47 (1803) ded. to the Fr. violinist Rodolphe Kreutzer, who is believed never to have played it. F.p. by George Bridgetower (vn.) and Beethoven (pf.), Vienna 1803.

2. Sub-title often given to Janáček's Str. Qt. No.1, comp. 1923–4 and incorporating part of scrapped pf. trio of 1908–9. On the score Janáček wrote: ‘Inspired by L. N. Tolstoy's Kreutzer-sonata’ (novel pubd. 1890). F.p. Prague 1924 (Bohemian Qt.); London 1926.