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Haug, Hans

Haug, Hans, Swiss conductor, teacher, and composer; b. Basel, July 27, 1900; d. Lausanne, Sept. 15, 1967. He studied with Petri and Levy at the Basel Cons., with Busoni, and with Courvoisier and J. Pembaur Jr. at the Munich Academy of Music. He served as music director in Grandson and Solothurn; after working as choirmaster and asst. conductor at the Basel City Theater (1928–34), he conducted at the Interlaken Kursaal and at the Swiss Radio in Lausanne (1935–38) and in Zürich (1938–43). He subsequently devoted himself mainly to teaching and composing. His works were in an eminently appealing style.


dramatic: Opera: Don Juan in der Fremde (1929; Basel, Jan. 15, 1930); Madrisa (1933; Basel, Jan. 15, 1934); Tartuffe (Basel, May 24, 1937); Der unsterbliche (1946; Zürich, Feb. 8, 1947); La colombe égarée (Basel Radio, 1951); Le miroir d’Agrippine (1953–54); Les fous (1957; Geneva Radio, Nov. 1959); Le souper de Venise (1966); Le gardien vigilant (1966). opera-ballet:Orfée (RTF, Paris, Sept. 24, 1954; 1st stage perf., Lausanne, June 12, 1955).operetta:Liederlig Kleeblatt (1938); Gilberte de Courgenay (1940); Annely us der Linde (1940); Barbara (1942); Leute von der Strasse (1944); La mère Michel (1945). OTHER: Stage pieces and incidental music. ORCH.: Charlie Chaplin, symphonic poem (1930); 2 piano concertos (1938, 1962); Sym. (1948); Guitar Concerto (1952); Double Concerto for Oboe, Viola, and Orch. (1953). CHAMBER: 3 string quartets; Wind Quartet; Wind Quintet. VOCAL: Michelangelo, oratorio (1942; Solothurn, Feb. 28, 1943); many cantatas.


J.-L. Matthey, eds., H. H. Werkverzeichnis (Lausanne, 1971).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Haug, Hans

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