Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians

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Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Largest and most far-ranging mus. dictionary pubd. in Eng. First compiled and ed. by George Grove (1879–89, 4 vols.); 2nd edn. ed. J. A. Fuller Maitland (1904–10, 5 vols.); 3rd edn. ed. H. C. Colles (1927, 5 vols.); 4th edn. ed. H. C. Colles (1940, 5 vols. + suppl.); 5th edn. ed. Eric Blom (1954, 9 vols. + suppl.); 6th edn. ed. Stanley Sadie (1980, 20 vols., title changed to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians). Always pubd. by Macmillan and Co., London. The New Grove has had ‘satellite’ pubs., incl. Dictionary of Musical Instruments (1984), Dictionary of American Music (4 vols., 1986), Concise Dictionary of Music (1988), Dictionary of Opera (4 vols., 1992), and Dictionary of Women Composers (1994).