Grove, Fred(erick Herridge) 1913-

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GROVE, Fred(erick Herridge) 1913-

PERSONAL: Born July 4, 1913, in Hominy, OK; married, 1938; children: William Riley. Education: University of Oklahoma, B.A., 1937. Religion: Episcopalian.

ADDRESSES: Home—P.O. Box 1248, Silver City, NM 88062.

CAREER: Daily Citizen, Cushing, OK, reporter and sports editor, 1937-40; Morning News, Shawnee, OK, reporter, 1940-42; The Star, Harlingen, TX, sports editor, 1942; Morning News and Star, Shawnee, reporter, 1943-44, managing editor, 1944-46; Oklahoma City Times and Daily Oklahoman, copyreader, 1946-47; University of Oklahoma, Norman, senior assistant in public relations, 1947-53, part-time journalism instructor, 1964-68; Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, Norman, director of public information, 1969-74; currently full-time writer.

MEMBER: Western Writers of America, Westerners (Silver City).

AWARDS, HONORS: Wrangler Award, National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, 1962, for short story "Comanche Son," and 1969, for novel The Buffalo Runners; Spur Award, Western Writers of America, 1963, for short material "Comanche Woman," 1963, for novel Comanche Captives, 1969, for short material "When the Caballos Came," 1977, for novel The Great Horse Race, and 1982, for novel Match Race; Spur Award finalist, 1971, for novel War Journey, and 1972, for novel The Child Stealers; Levi Strauss' Golden Saddleman Award.


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Sun Dance, Ballantine (New York, NY), 1958.

No Bugles, No Glory, Ballantine (New York, NY), 1959.

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Into the Far Mountains: A Western Story, Five Star (Unity, ME), 1999.

A Distance of Ground: A Western Story, Five Star (Unity, ME), 2000.

Destiny Valley, Five Star (Unity, ME), 2000.

Red River Stage, Five Star (Unity, ME), 2001.

The Years of Fear, Five Star (Waterville, ME), 2002.

Contributor to books, including Spurs West, Doubleday, 1960; Western Roundup, Macmillan, 1961; and The Pick of the Roundup, Avon, 1963.

SIDELIGHTS: Fred Grove, who has written many novels and short stories set in the American West, studied under western author and teacher Foster Harris and the noted biographer and historian Walter Stanley Campbell at the University of Oklahoma. He later studied with Dwight V. Swain, the nationally known teacher and science fiction writer. He is a researcher on the history of the American Southwest and quarter-horse racing.

He has said about his prolific writing career, "My writing interests have focused mainly on the changing American frontier from the Civil War on—the U.S. government's policy of forcing Indian tribes onto reservations and their resistance from one way of life to another, the near extermination of the great buffalo herds, pioneer families in a new land; much later the exploitation of the oil-rich Osage Indians of Oklahoma during the so-called Roaring Twenties. Thanks to my father, who was a trail driver and rancher, and to my mother who was of Osage and Sioux Indian blood, I feel fortunate that I can write about the American Indian and white man from a middle viewpoint, each in his own fair perspective—at least try."



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