Firsova, Elena

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Firsova, Elena (b Leningrad, 1950). Russ. composer. Strongly influenced by Edison Denisov. Her mus. is melodic and introspective, concentrating on vocal settings and chamber ensembles. She has made several settings of the poet Osip Mandelstam. Settled in Eng. 1991. Taught at Dartington 1992. Prof. and comp.-in-res. Keele Univ. from 1993. Works incl.:OPERAS: Feast in Plague Time (Pushkin), Op.7 (1972); The Nightingale and the Rose ( Wilde and C. Rossetti) (1991).ORCH.: 5 Pieces, Op.6 (1971); Chamber Music, Op.9 (1973); Stanzas, Op.13 (1975); Autumn Music, chamber orch., Op.39 (1988); Nostalgia (1989); Pimpinella (arr. of Tchaikovsky's song, Op.38 No.6) (1989); Cassandra (1992).SOLO INSTR. & ORCH.: vc. conc. No.1, Op.110 (1973); vn. conc. No.1, Op.14 (1976), No.2, Op.29 (1983); Postlude, Op.18, hp., orch. (1977); chamber concs., No.1, Op.19, fl., str. (1978), No.2 (vc. conc. No.2), Op.26 (1982), No.3, Op.33, pf., orch. (1985), No.4, Op.37, hn., ens. (1988); conc. for vn., 13 str. (1993).VOICE(S) & ORCH.: Tristia, Op.22, v., chamber orch. (1979); The Stone, Op.28 (1983); Augury, Op.38, ch., orch. (1988); Secret Way, Op.52, v., orch. (1992).ENSEMBLE: Scherzo, Op.1, fl., ob., cl., bn., pf. (1967); pf. trio, Op.8 (1972); Capriccio, Op.15, fl., sax. qt. (1976); Mysteria, Op.30, org., perc. (1984); Music for 12, Op.34 (1986); Odyssey, fl., hn., perc., hp., vn., va., vc. (1990).VOICE & ENS.: Petrarca's Sonnets, Op.17 (1976); Night, Op.20, v., sax. qt. (1978); Earthly Life, Op.31, cantata, sop., ens. (1984); Forest Walks, Op.36, sop., ens. (1987); Stygian Song, sop., ens. (1989); The Shell, Op.49, sop., ens. (1991); Whirlpool, Op.50, mez., fl., perc. (1991); Silentium, Op.51, mez., str. qt. (1991); Distance, Op.53, v., cl., str. qt. (1992); Before the Thunderstorm, sop., ens. (1994–5).CHAMBER MUSIC: str. qts.: No.1 (5 Pieces), Op.4 (1970), No.2, Op.11 (1974), No.3 (Misterioso, in mem. Stravinsky), Op.24 (1980), No.4 (Amoroso), Op.40 (1989), No.5 (1993–4); Legend, hn., pf. (1967); Suite for Viola Solo, Op.2 (1967); 2 Pieces, vn., pf. (1968); vc. sonata, Op.5 (1971); solo cl. sonata, Op.16 (1976); 2 Inventions, fl. (1977); 3 Pieces, xyl. (1978); 3 Pieces, hn., pf. (1980); Sphinx, hp. (1982); Spring Sonata, Op.27, fl., pf. (1982); Fantasie, Op.32, vn. (1985); Monologue, bn. (1989); Verdehr-Terzett, pf., cl., vn. (1990); Far Away, Op.48, sax. qt. (1991); The Night Demons, vc., pf. (1993).UNACC. CHORAL: 3 Poems by Osip Mandelstam, Op.3, mixed ch. (1970); The Bell (with D. Smirnov), mixed ch. (1976).VOICE & INSTR.: 3 Romances on Poems by Boris Pasternak, v., pf. (1966–7); Creation, high v., pf. (1967); 2 Romances on poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky, v., pf. (1969); Autumn Songs, Op.12, v., pf. (1980); 3 Poems by Osip Mandelstam, Op.23, v., pf. (1980); Shakespeare's Sonnets, Op.25, v., org. (1981); The Dream, mez., pf. (1988); 7 Haiku, Op.47, sop., sop. lyre (1991); 2 Sonnets of Shakespeare, v., org. (1991).PIANO: 2 Polyphonic Piece (1966); Invention à two (1966); Elegy, Op.21 (1979); sonata, Op.35 (1986).