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An old South Tyrolean family that gave several bishops to the Church.

Leopold Anton Eleutherius, b. Munich, May 27, 1679; d. Salzburg, Oct. 22, 1744. He was successively dean of Salzburg in 1713, bishop of Levant in 1718, bishop of Seckau in 1724, and bishop of Laibach in 1727; he became archbishop of Salzburg in 1727. He founded houses for retreats and missions under the Jesuits. His edict of emigration against Protestants in 1731 caused about 22,000 of them to leave, most of them for Prussia.

Leopold Ernst, his nephew, count and cardinal; b. Trent, Sept. 22, 1708; d. Passau, March 13, 1783. He was bishop of Seckau in 1739 and administrator of Trent in 1748. In 1763 he became bishop of Passau and was made a cardinal in 1772. In addition to his interest in the scientific training of the clergy, he supported missions for the laity.

Leopold Max, count; b. Trent, Oct. 11, 1766; d. Vienna, Nov. 29, 1831. He was suffragan bishop of Passau in 1787, bishop of Levant in 1800, administrator of Salz-burg in 1818, and archbishop of Vienna in 1822.

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