Fétis, François (Joseph)

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Fétis, François (Joseph) (b Mons, 1784; d Brussels, 1871). Belgian critic, historian, composer, and organist. Org., Douai 1813–18. Prof. of comp., Paris Cons., 1821, librarian 1826–30. Founded and ed. Revue musicale 1827–33. Dir., Brussels Cons. 1833–71. Reputation est. by Biographie universelle des musiciens (8 vols., 1835–44, 2nd edn. 1860–5; suppl. by Pougin, 2 vols., 1878–80). Also author of vols. of history, theoretical works, and biographies of Paganini and Stradivari. Comp. 8 operas; 2 syms.; 3 pf. quintets; 3 str. qts.; sonatas; church mus.; etc.