Deutsches Requiem, Ein

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Deutsches Requiem, Ein (A German Requiem). Choral work, Op.45, by Brahms for sop. and bar. soloists, ch., and orch. Comp. 1861–8, though what is now 2nd movt. was comp. in 1857. So called because text is not that of the RC Liturgy but consists of passages selected by Brahms from Luther's trans. of the Bible. 7 movts. First 3 movts. perf. Vienna, Dec. 1867. 2nd perf. Bremen Cath. 10 Apr. 1868, with 3 movts. added. A month later he inserted new 5th movt., Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit, for sop., in memory of his mother, d Feb. 1865. First complete perf. Leipzig 18 Feb. 1869, cond. Reinecke.