Chants dAuvergne

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Chants d'Auvergne (Songs of the Auvergne). Series of traditional dialect songs of the Auvergne collected by Canteloube and pubd. between 1923 and 1930. Best-known is suite of 9 for sop. and orch. (or pf.) drawn from series 1 to 4, being 1. Bailèro, 2. L'Aio dè rotso (Spring Water), 3. Ound 'onorèn gorda? (Where shall we go to graze?), 4. Obal din lou Limouzi (Down there in Limousin), 5. La delaïssàdo (The forsaken girl), 6. Lo Fiolairé (The spinning girl), 7. Passo pel prat (Come through the meadow), 8. Brezairola (Cradle Song), 9. Chut, chut (Hush, hush).