Chaos 2001

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Chaos ★★ 2001

Workaholic Parisian businessman Paul (Lindon) and his wife Helene (Frot) are driving to dinner when a frantic young Algerian immigrant, Noemie (Brakni), begs them to let her in as thugs grab and beat her before their eyes. Paul refuses to get involved and abandons the girl, which sets in motion a domestic crisis for Helene. Guilt-ridden and disgusted by her husband's indifference, Helene tracks the severly-injured Noemie to a hospital and abandons her family to assume responsibility for Noemie and her rehabilitation, which includes protecting from her abusers. French with subtitles. 109m/C VHS, DVD . FR Catherine Frot, Vincent Lindon, Rachida Brakni, Line Renaud, Wojciech Pszoniak, Aurelien Wilk; D: Coline Serreau; W: Coline Serreau; C: Jean-Francois Robin; M: Ludovic Navarre.