Bravnicar, Matija

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Bravničar, Matija

Bravničar, Matija, Slovenian composer and teacher; b. Tolmin, Feb. 24, 1897; d. Ljubljana, Nov. 25, 1977. After service in the Austrian army (1915–18) he was a violinist at theopera theater in Ljubljana; meanwhile he studied composition at the Cons, there, graduating in 1932. He was director of the Ljubljana Academy of Music (1945–49) where he later taught composition (1952–68); was president of the Soc. of Slovenian Composers (1949–52) and of the Union of Yugoslavian Composers (1953–57). In his works, he cultivated a neo-Classical style, with thematic material strongly influenced by the melorhythmic inflections of Slovenian folk music.


DRAMATIC: Pohujëanje v dolini Sentflorijanski (Scandal in St. Florian’s Valley), opera buffa (Ljubljana, May 11, 1930); Stoji, stoji Ljubljanca, satirical revue (Ljubljana, Dec. 2, 1933); Hlapec Jernij in njegova pravica (Knight Jernej and His Justice), opera (Ljubljana, Jan. 25, 1941). orch.:Hymnus Slavicus (1931; Ljubljana, May 14, 1932); Krai] Matjaz (King Mattias), overture (Ljubljana, Nov. 14, 1932); Slavik Dance Burlesques (1932); Divertissements for Piano and Strings (1933); Belokranjska rapsodija (1938); Simfonitna antiteza (Symphonic Antithesis; 1940; Ljubljana, Feb. 9, 1948); 3 syms.: No. 1 (1947; Ljubljana, Feb. 20, 1951), No. 2 (1951; Ljubljana, Oct. 27, 1952), and No. 3 (1956); Kurent, symphonic poem (1950); Plesne metamorfoze (1955); Marcia-Rondo (1960); Violin Concerto (1961); Horn Concerto (1963); Fantasia rapsodica for Violin and Orch. (1967); Simfonilni plesi (Symphonic Dances; 1969). chamber:Elegie for Horn and Piano (1929); 2 wind quintets (1930, 1968); Trio for Flute, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1930); Dialog for Cello and Piano (1965); Sonata for Solo Violin (1966); piano pieces.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire