Braun, Peter Michael

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Braun, Peter Michael

Braun, Peter Michael, German composer, teacher, pianist, and conductor; b. Wuppertal, Dec. 2, 1936. He was a pupil of Martin, Bernd Alois Zimmermann, and Eimert at the Cologne Hochschule für Musik and of Giselher Klebe at the Detmold Hochschule für Musik. In 1978 he became a prof, of composition and theory at the Heidelberg-Mannheim Hochschule für Musik. He publ, a book on harmony and music theory (Cologne, 2000). His style is governed by structural and spectral considerations.


DRAMATIC Opera: Eichendorff (1974–92); Die Schòne lau (1984–86); Die Juden (1994–95). orch.:Seliger Kontrapunkt for Strings (1952; 1988–91); Scherzo (1956–91); Exkursion (1958–71); Interstellar for 4 Orch. Groups (1959); Transfer (1965–68); Variété (1965–69); Landschaft (1966–71); Problems and Solutions for Strings (1973–74); Junctim (1974–75; rev. 1988); Ambiente (1974–76); Serenata Palatina (1975–82); Ballett for Orch. and Speaker ad libitum (1980–87); Recherche (1983–85). chamber:Zwei Fantasien for 4 Recorders (1952–83); Fantasie-Quartett for Horns (1952–84); String Quartet (1957); Piano Trio (1958); Terms for Chamber Ensemble (1962–71); Miró for Flute and Piano, after 3 paintings of Joan Miró (1976; rev. 1989); Drei Chorale for 4 Trombones or 3 Cellos and Double Bass or 4 Bassoons and Contrabassoon (1979); Man liebt Brahms, 2 retrospectives for Violin and Cello (1986; also for Violin and Harp, 1987); Duo for Violin and Piano (1988; also for Flute and Piano, 1989); Kontemplation”on minimal art” for Flute or Violin and Piano (1988); Arc-en-ciel for Bass or Alto Flute (1992); piano pieces; organ music.vocal:Entelechie for 6 Solo Voices or Chorus and Orch. (1972); Kashima Kiko for Alto or Baritone and Small Orch. (1977); Arie for Soprano and Orch. (1977–80); Alborada for Soprano and Orch. (1987); choral pieces; songs. electronic:Ereignisse: Hommage à Edgard Várese (1966–68); Essay, 3 pieces (1971); Klangsonden (1976).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire