Berggreen, Andreas Peter

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Berggreen, Andreas Peter

Berggreen, Andreas Peter, Danish composer; b. Copenhagen, March 2, 1801; d. there, Nov. 8, 1880. He studied law and turned to music late in life; occupied various teaching posts in Copenhagen. His opera Billedet og Busten (The Portrait and the Bust) was produced in Copenhagen on April 9, 1832; he also wrote incidental music to plays. His most important contribution to music literature is the compilation of 11 vols, of folk songs, Folke-sang og melodier, faedre landske og fremmede (Copenhagen, 1842-55; 2nd éd., enl., 1861-71). He further publ. 14 vols, of songs for use in schools (1834–76) and ed. church anthems. Among his students was Niels Gade.


C. Skou, A.R B. (Copenhagen, 1895).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Berggreen, Andreas Peter

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