Zeram 2

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Zeram 2 ★★★ Zeiram 2; Zeiramu 1994

Moriyama returns to play Investigator Iria, an intergalactic bounty hunter, who is assisted by her computer, Bob. Iria has been given a new android as a trainee, but it malfunctions during a battle and turns on her. The android is infected with a Zeram, an evil alien force. To make matters worse, Iria's partner Fujikuro (Sabu) has betrayed her and is trying to steal an ancient artifact which Iria possesses. Trapped and in need of assistance, Iria calls on her old friends Teppei (Iida) and Kamiya (Hotaru), two bumbling electricians to help her. The film is non-stop fun, as it mixes amazing action scenes, gross monsters, and slapstick comedy seamlessly to create an entertaining sci-fi treat. 100m/C DVD . JP Yukihiro Hotaru, Kunihiko Iida, Yuko Moriyama; D: Keito Amamiya.