Zaslavskaia, Tatiana (Ivanovna)

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ZASLAVSKAIA, Tatiana (Ivanovna)

ZASLAVSKAIA, Tatiana (Ivanovna). Russian (born Ukraine), b. 1927. Genres: Social sciences. Career: Institute of Economics, Moscow, Russia, researcher, then senior researcher, 1950-63; Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Novosibirsk, Russia, head of sociology department, 1963-88; Soviet Center for Public Opinion Studies (UCIOM), Moscow, director, 1988-92, president, 1992-. Novosibirsk State University, professor of political economy, 1975-88; Soviet Sociological Association, president, 1986-91; Congress of People's Deputies, People's Deputy, 1989-92; Interdisciplinary Academic Centre for Social Sciences, co-president, 1992-; Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, professor, 1995-. Russian Academy of Sciences, member, 1981-. Academy of Sciences, full member, 1981-. Publications: The Labor Payment in the Collective Farms (title translated), 1966; Migration of Rural Population (title translated), 1970; (ed.) A Voice of Reform: Essays, 1989; Die Gorbatschow-Strategie Wirtshafts und Sozialpolitik in der U.S.S.R. (title means: The Strategy of Gorbachov's Economic and Social Policy in the U.S.S.R.), 1990; Sociology of Economic Life (title translated), 1991; The Second Socialist Revolution: An Alternative Soviet Strategy, trans., 1991; Russian Society at the Social Breakdown: View from Inside (title translated). Address: Intercentre, pr. Veznadskogs 82,2, 117571 Moscow, Russia. Online address: [email protected]

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Zaslavskaia, Tatiana (Ivanovna)

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