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Zathura ★★★ 2005 (PG)

Ten year old Walter (Hutcherson) and six year old Danny (Bobo) both fight for overstressed dad's (Robbins) attention, but he's too busy. Older sister Lisa (Stewart) is charged with babysitting the two, but she could care less. Until they all find themselves trapped in the bizarre space-world of Zathura, a game which comes to life as they play. Sort-of sequel to “Jumanji,” also done by Chris Van Allsburg. Fabulous special effects and a fantastical plot is exciting stuff for both children and adults. 113m/C DVD, UMD . US Jonah Bobo, Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard, Kristen Stewart, Tim Robbins; D: Jon Favreau; W: David Koepp, John Kamps; C: Guillermo Navarro; M: John Debney; V: Frank Oz.