The Young Philadelphians

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The Young Philadelphians ★★★ The City Jungle 1959

Ambitious young lawyer Newman works hard at making an impression on the snobbish Philadelphia upper crust. As he schemes and scrambles, he woos debutante Rush and defends buddy Vaughn on a murder charge. Long, but worth it. Part of the “A Night at the Movies” series, this package simulates a 1959 movie evening with a Bugs Bunny cartoon, “People Are Bunny,” a newsreel and coming attractions for “The Nun's Story” and “The Hanging Tree.” 136m/B VHS, DVD . Paul Newman, Barbara Rush, Alexis Smith, Billie Burke, Brian Keith, John Williams, Otto Kruger, Robert Vaughn; D: Vincent Sherman; C: Harry Stradling Sr.; M: Ernest Gold.