The Young Bruce Lee

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The Young Bruce Lee ★★ 1980

A young boy named Bruce Lee and his friend both learn the martial arts in order to defend themselves from bullies. As they grow up Lee sets his sights on becoming a movie star while his friend performs in acrobatic stage shows. Though Lee achieves stardom, he finds himself hounded by martial artists that want to challenge him. This unauthorized biopic follows the major events in Bruce Lee's life but most of it is cliched fabrication. The film is cheap and poorly crafted, but Lung (AKA Bruce Li) does a fairly successful job of mimicking Lee and he's helped by an accurate hairdo and wardrobe. As far as Bruce Lee wannabe films, you could do a lot worse. Despite the packaging, there is no Lee footage in the film—only a new-sphoto of his body. 80m/C VHS, DVD . HK Bruce Li, Bolo Yeung, Bruce Le, Lily Hua; D: Bruce Le; C: Alardar Kline.

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The Young Bruce Lee

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