Wozzeck 1947

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Wozzeck ★★ 1947

The corpse of murderer Franz Wozzeck (Meisel) is being used in an anatomy lecture, while medical student Buchner (Eckard) tells Wozzeck's tragic story in flashbacks. A soldier, Wozzeck endures humiliation in order to barely support his wife Marie (Zulch) and their child. The beautiful Marie allows herself to be seduced by another soldier (Haussler), as Wozzeck's physical and mental health declines. And then Franz learns of her infidelity. Based on the drama by Georg Buchner. German with subtitles. 94m/B VHS . Kurt Meisel, Helga Zulch, Richard Haussler, Max Eckard; D: Georg C. Klaren; W: Georg C. Klaren; C: Bruno Mondi; M: Herbert Trantow.