Wirey Spindell

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Wirey Spindell ★ 1999

Self-indulgent clap-trap about a self-satisfied creep. The title character (Schaeffer) is engaged to beautiful Tabatha (Thorne) but has become suddenly impotent due to extreme premarital jitters. This little dilemma leads Wirey to explore his childhood and druggie high school/college years (when the character is played by Mabius), his first love, and his falling for Tabatha. Problem is Wirey isn't a very interesting character. 101m/C VHS, DVD . Eric Schaeffer, Callie (Calliope) Thorne, Eric Mabius, Samantha Buck; D: Eric Schaeffer; W: Eric Schaeffer; C: Kramer Morgenthau; M: Amanda Kravat.