Winged Migration

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Winged Migration ★★★½ Le Peuple Migrateur; Traveling Birds 2001 (G)

Exhilarating documentary that follows the migratory patterns of birds. Shot from 1998 to 2001 by some 15 cinematographers throughout 40 countries, using a variety of gliders, balloons, and long-lensed cameras to get close enough to record the working muscles on a crane's back, among other sights. Terns float on arctic ice, rockhopper penguins waddle, gannets feed, sand grouse perform their mating dance, and flocks fly. The minimal narration identifies the birds and their journeys. English and French with subtitles. 89m/C VHS, DVD, Blu-ray Disc . FR GE SP IT SID: Jacques Perrin; W: Jacques Perrin, Stephane Durand; C: Bernard Lutic, Thierry Machado, Olli Barbe, Michel Benjamin, Sylvie Carcedo, Laurent Charbonnier, Luc Drion, Laurent Fleutot, Philippe Garguil, Dominique Gentil, Stephane Martin, Fabrice Moindrot, Ernst Sasse, Michel Terasse, Thierry Thomas; M: Bruno Coulais; Nar: Jacques Perrin.