Williams, M(artin) A(nthony) J(oseph)

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WILLIAMS, M(artin) A(nthony) J(oseph)

WILLIAMS, M(artin) A(nthony) J(oseph). Australian/British, b. 1941. Genres: Archaeology/Antiquities, Earth sciences, Environmental sciences/ Ecology, Geography, Meteorology/Atmospheric sciences. Career: Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, lecturer, 1969-72, senior lecturer, 1973-77, associate professor of earth sciences, 1978-84; Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, professor of geography, 1985-88, professor of geography and environmental science, 1988-92; University of Adelaide, South Australia, director of Mawson Graduate Center, 1993-95, foundation chair of environmental studies, 1993-, affiliate professor in geology, 1993-; writer. Publications: (with others) Quaternary Environments, 1993, 2nd ed., 1998; (with R.J. Balling) Interactions of Desertification and Climate, 1996. DOCUMENTARIES: Drought in the Sahel, 1985; Desertification in Africa, 1985; The Second Creation, 1987; Environment and Development, 1990; Global Change, Food, and Famine, 1990; Deserts, 1991; Drought and Desertification in Australia, 1991. EDITOR: (with J.L. Davies) Landform Evolution in Australasia, 1978; (with H. Faure) The Sahara and the Nile: Quaternary Environments and Prehistoric Occupation in Northern Africa, 1980; (with D.A. Adamson) A Land between Two Niles: Quaternary Geology and Biology of the Central Sudan, 1982; (with C.D. Haynes and M.G. Ridpath) Monsoonal Australia, 1991; (with De Deckker and Kershaw) The Cainozoic in Australia, 1991. Contributor to books and periodicals. Address: Dept of Geographical & Environmental Studies, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia. Online address: [email protected]

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Williams, M(artin) A(nthony) J(oseph)

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