Who is Cletis Tout?

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Who is Cletis Tout? ★★½ 2002 (R)

This nostalgic spoof of/homage to classic movies revolves around the efforts of cornered man Trevor (Slater) to convince a film-loving hitman that he is not Cletis Tout, a reporter that the mob wants dead. Critical Jim (Allen) is a button man with time on his hands, so he has Trevor tell him the story like he was pitching a movie idea to a studio executive. The tale contains many obvious Hollywood plot machinations and references including a prison break, a pretty girl, elaborate con jobs and true love. Trevor is also not above taking cues from Jim, changing the story when his captor is displeased by part of it. Good premise tends to get too cute with the material, but all in all a fun ride. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Tim Allen, Christian Slater, Portia de Rossi, Richard Dreyfuss, Billy Connolly, Peter MacNeill, Richard Chevolleau, RuPaul Charles; D: Christopher Ver Wiel; W: Christopher Ver Wiel; C: Jerzy Zielinski; M: Randy Edelman.