Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

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Who Wants to Kill Jessie? ★★ 1965

Lunatic Czech comedy about a jealous wife and a comic strip babe. A scientist has invented a device that makes dreams visible and she decides to see what goes on in her meek hubby's subconscious. He's dreaming about another inventor—Jessie, an imperiled va-va-voom comic strip character. When wifey interferes, the side effect is that the dreams show up in reality and Jessie brings along the villains who are chasing her. Lots of sight gags; Czech with subtitles. 79m/B DVD . CZ Dana Medricka, Jiri Sovak, Olga Shoberova, Karel Effa, Juraj Visny; D: Vaclav Vorkicek; W: Vaclav Vorkicek, Milos Macourek; C: Jan Nemecek; M: Svatopluk Havelka.