Who Killed Bambi?

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Who Killed Bambi? ★★½ Qui a tu Bambi? 2003

Proving that hospitals are creepy in any language, this French thriller uses the hygienic facade of the medical profession as its backdrop for terror. Isabelle (Quinton) is a nursing student, beginning her first residency at a large, isolated hospital. After she faints on the job, her cousin Veronique (Jacob) nicknames her “Bambi,” due to her inability to stay on her feet. When the stoic, handsome Dr. Philipp (Lucas) believes that Isabelle's fainting spells might be cured by an operation, she goes under his care, only to discover that Philipp has a penchant for molesting female patients while they're unconscious. Thus begins a protracted cat-and-mouse struggle between doctor and nurse, which reaches increasingly improbable heights. 121m/C DVD . Laurent Lucas, Catherine Jacob, Sophie Quinton, Doc Mateo; D: Gilles Marchand; C: Pierre Milon; M: Alexandre Beaupain, Lily Margot, Francois Eudes.