Weismann, Donald L.

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WEISMANN, Donald L. American, b. 1914. Genres: Novels, Poetry, Art/ Art history, Film, Humanities. Career: University Professor Emeritus of the Arts, Graduate Faculty, University of Texas, Austin, 1982- (Chairman, Dept. of Art, 1954-58; Professor of Art, Graduate Faculty, 1958-64; Chairman, Comparative Studies, 1967-72; University Professor of Arts, 1972-82). Professor of Art, Graduate Faculty, Director of Graduate Studies in Art, and Head of the Dept. of Art, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 1951-54; Member, National Council on the Arts, 1966-72. Publications: Some Folks Went West, 1960; Jelly Was the Word, 1965; Language and Visual Form: The Personal Record of a Dual Creative Process, 1968; (with A. Christ-Janer, H. Carruth, and H.D. Williams) Forms, 1968; The Visual Arts and Human Experience, 1970; Why Draw?, 1974; The 12 Cadavers of Joe Mariner, 1977; Follow the Bus with the Greek License Plates, 1981; Duncan Phyfe and Drum with Notes for the Bugle Corps, 1984; Frank Reaugh, Painter to the Longhorns, 1985; In Four House and Out, 1997; The Stuff of Stories, 1999; Artifacts, Fiction and Memory, 2001; An American Fugue, 2002. Address: 4513 Edgemont Dr, Austin, TX 78731-5223, U.S.A.