Wedding Wars

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Wedding Wars ★★½ 2006

Fluff comedy with a serious message. Shel (Stamos) is a gay wedding planner who's in charge of brother Ben's (Dane) nuptials to Maggie (Somerville), the daughter of the governor of Maine. When Shel learns that Ben's boss, Governor Welling (Brolin), opposes gay marriage, he picks up a picket sign and goes on strike. Soon, gays across the country are leaving their jobs to join in Shel's protest, and the wedding, which has been turned over to the tacky Mrs. Fairfield (Kash), is a disaster waiting to happen. 87m/C DVD . John Stamos, Eric Dane, Bonnie Somerville, James Brolin, Sean Maher, Linda Kash, Rosemary Dunsmore, Jayne (Jane) Eastwood, Sean McCann; D: Jim Fall; W: Stephen Mazur; C: Ron Stannett. CABLE