Wallace, Karen

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WALLACE, Karen. Canadian, b. 1951. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction. Career: Writer. Worked in the editorial and promotions departments in publishing companies in England and Canada, 1974-78; also worked as a cabaret singer. Publications: Zizz Bear, 1992; Think of an Eel, 1992; Think of a Beaver, 1992; Zizz Bear, Busy Bear, 1993; My Hen Is Dancing, 1993; Red Fox, 1994; Bears in the Forest, 1994; King Henry VIII's Shoes, 1995; Queen Victoria's Swing, 1996; Imagine You Are a Tiger, 1996; Imagine You Are a Crocodile, 1996; Imagine You Are a Dolphin, 1996; Ace Ghosts, 1996; Ghouls Rule, 1996; Star Spooks, 1997; Funky Phantoms, 1997; It Takes Two, 1997; Rollerblading Royals, 1997; Postcards from Charlie, 1997; Tutankhamun's Arrow, 1998; Giant Gentle Octopus, 1998; A Hiccup on the High Seas, 1998; Hiding, 1998; Imagine You Are an Orang-utan, 1998; Seagull Beach, 1998; Tale of a Tadpole, 1998; Duckling Days, 1998; Great Aunt Iris Goes Hunting, 1998; Baby Animals; A Bed for the Winter; Big Machines; Born to Be a Butterfly; Diving Dolphin; Rockets and Space- ships, My Cat's Secret; Albert's Raccoon; Crook Catchers, 1999; Quest for the Golden See-Saw, 1999; Scarlette Beane, 1999; Madeleine the City Pig, 1999; Seagull Seashore, 1999; Weather Watching, 1999; Buzy Bee, 1999; Chomp! Munch! Chew!, 1999; Police Cat Fuzz, 2000; Police Cat Fuzz Rides Again, 2001; Cleopatra's Carpet, 2000; Crook Catchers, 2000; Rockets, 2000; Wolves, 2000; Esmeralda, 2000; Archie Hates Pink, 2001; Raspberries on the Yangtze, 2001; Climbing a Monkey Puzzle Tree, 2002; Wendy, 2003; I Am an Ankylosaurus, 2003; I Am a Tyrannosaurus, 2003; Something Slimy on Primrose Drive, 2002; Quirky Times at Quagmire Castle, 2003. Address: c/o Pat White, 20 Powis Mews, London W11 1JN, England.