Walking and Talking

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Walking and Talking ★★½ 1996 (R)

Low-budget, lighthearted estrogen romp through the lives of two best friends in New York, Amelia (Keener) and Laura (Heche), going through commitment crises. Freshman writer/director Holofcener scores by making a lackluster story imminently watchable. Likable cast of mostly unknowns (Heche was deemed a rising star at a recent Cannes Festival) deliver Holofcener's clever and humorous exchanges. Corrigan's video store clerk and all-around “ugly guy” is a highlight. Brit Bragg brings in a worthy score. 86m/C VHS, DVD . Anne Heche, Catherine Keener, Live Schreiber, Todd Field, Kevin Corrigan, Randall Batinkoff, Joseph Siravo, Vincent Pastore, Lynn Cohen, Andrew Holofcener; D: Nicole Holofcener; W: Nicole Holofcener; C: Michael Spiller; M: Billy Bragg.