Von Ryan's Express

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Von Ryan's Express ★★★ 1965

An American Air Force colonel leads a group of prisoners-of-war in taking control of a freight train in order to make their exciting escape from a WWII P.O.W. camp in Italy. Strong cast. 117m/C VHS, DVD . Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, Brad Dexter, Raffaella Carra, Sergio Fantoni, John Leyton, Vito Scotti, Edward Mulhare, Adolfo Celi, James Brolin, James B. Sikking, Wolfgang Preiss, John van Dreelen, Richard Bakalyan, Michael Goodliffe, Michael St. Clair, Ivan Triesault; D: Mark Robson; W: Wendell Mayes, Joseph Landon; C: William H. Daniels; M: Jerry Goldsmith.

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Von Ryan's Express

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