Von Palleske, Heidi

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Actress and writer.


Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists.

Awards, Honors:

H. R. (Bill) Percy Prize for unpublished novel, 2001, for They Don't Run Red Trains Any More.


Film Appearances:

Student nurse, Terminal Choice (also known as Critical List, Death Bed, Death List, and Trauma), Almi Pictures, 1985.

Cary Weiler, Dead Ringers, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1988.

Lend Me Your Ear, 1989.

Hooker in bar, Renegades, Universal, 1989.

Marla, Blind Fear, Malo Video, 1989.

Mrs. Peabody, Deceived, Buena Vista, 1991.

Debra Halifax, White Light, Columbia TriStar Home Video, 1991.

Sara, Shadows of the Past (also known as Mortelle amnesie), 1991.

Perdita, Impolite, 1993.

Ramona Soto, Ramona!, Curb/Esquire, 1993.

Susan Trent, Sabotage, Imperial Home Entertainment, 1996.

Eric's mother, The Boys Club (also known as Secrets d'ados), A–Pix Entertainment, 1997.

Sheila, Strip Search, A–Pix Entertainment, 1997.

Julie Hauser, Double Take, 1997.

Cora Fell, 2103: The Deadly Take (also known as Hydrosphere), Twice Removed Productions, 1997.

Lilith, Shepherd (also known as Cybercity), 1999.

Lilith, Cybermaster (also known as Shepherd II), New Horizons Home Video, 1999.

Barbara Drake, The Highwayman, Sterling Home Entertainment, 2000.

Film Casting Director:

Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter, Magnum Video, 1991.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Beate, J.F.K.: Reckless Youth, 1993.

Bonnie, Trudeau, CBC, 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Colleen, Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O'Hara Story, CBS, 1994.

Young Maureen O'Sullivan, Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story, Fox, 1995.

Mabel Dodge, Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story, Lifetime, 1995.

Mildred, Radiant City, ABC, 1996.

Linda, When Husbands Cheat, Lifetime, 1998.

Marilyn Boden, Falling Fire (also known as 3 Minutes to Impact and The Cusp), The Movie Channel, 1998.

Joan, Labor of Love, Lifetime, 1998.

Sandra Smart, The Elizabeth Smart Story, CBS, 2003.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Parole officer, Puppets Who Kill, Comedy Central, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Lisa, "See No Evil," Street Legal, CBC, 1989.

"Tough Guys Don't Whine," The Hitchhiker, HBO, 1989.

Alien soldier, "Choirs of Angels," War of the Worlds, syndicated, 1989.

"Hard Rhyme," The Hitchhiker, HBO, 1990.

Major Zukova, "Mindbender," Counterstrike, 1990.

C. C. Murphy, "To the Orchards," The Hidden Room, Lifetime, 1991.

Jill Delaney, "Persons Living or Dead," Street Legal, CBC, 1994.

Lizzie, "Brotherhood of the Bell," Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, syndicated, 1995.

Sonja, "Double Exposure," Twice in a Lifetime, 1999.

Slave girl 24, "Viva Lexx Vegas," Lexx, Sci–Fi Channel, 2002.

Maggie Goodheart, "Father Figure," 1–800–Missing (also known as Missing), Lifetime, 2003.

Pizza customer, "Pizza Boys Are Missing," Puppets Who Kill, Comedy Central, 2004.

Naomi Marin, "A Felony for Melanie," Wild Card, Lifetime, 2004.

Also appeared as Carrie Mitchell, "Independence Days," Traders, CTV and Lifetime; Penny Montana, Star-hunter, syndicated; in "Cuddles the Safety Mascot," Puppets Who Kill, Comedy Central.


Published Erato (a poetry collection); regular contributor to Beggar's Press Literary Journal; Raskolniv's Cellar.

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