Voices from Beyond

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Voices from Beyond ★½ Voci dal Profondo 1990

After wealthy Giorgio Mainardi hemorrhages to death, his daughter Rosy (Huff) returns home from college to attend the funeral. She soon begins to have strange dreams in which her father claims that he was murdered, and begs Rosy to discover the identity of the killer. In flashbacks, we learn that Giorgio did something to enrage everyone in the household before he died, so there are many suspects. While the revelation of the murderer is actually surprising, the rest of the film is a boring mess. While director Fulci is well-known for his liberal use of gore and his occasionally creepy visuals, this film has neither. The acting isn't very good, and the atrocious dubbing only makes matters worse. 91m/C DVD . IT Dulio Del Prete, Karina Huff, Pascal Persiano, Lorenzo Flaherty, Bettina Giovannini, Damiano Azzos; D: Lucio Fulci; W: Piero Regnoli; M: Stelvio Cipriani.