The Visitors 1995

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The Visitors ★★ Les Visiteurs 1995 (R)

Time travel comedy features 12th-century knight Godefroy (Reno) and his vassal Jacquasse (Clavier) crossing paths with a powerful witch (and evidently pissing her off) since she casts a spell causing Godefroy to accidentally kill his father-in-law. So Godefroy contacts a wizard to give him a time travel potion so he can go back and stop the shooting. Too bad the potion hurls knight and vassal forward into present-day France. French with subtitles. 106m/C VHS, DVD . FR Jean Reno, Christian Clavier, Mariann (Marie-Anne) Chazel, Valerie Lemer-cier, Christian Bujeau; D: Jean-Marie Poire; W: Christian Clavier, Jean-Marie Poire; C: Jean-Yves Le Mener; M: Eric Levi.