The Wagons Roll at Night

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The Wagons Roll at Night ★★½ 1941

The circus wagons that is. Remake of 1937's “Kid Galahad” transfers the action from the boxing arena to the circus arena. Nick Coster (Bogart) is the owner of the failing enterprise, romancing fortune teller Flo (Sidney) while trying to protect his innocent sister, Mary (Leslie) from the seedy side of life. This would have been easier if sis hadn't fallen for the new lion tamer, Matt Varney (Albert). Nick tries to break up the lovebirds with predictable results. Based on the novel by Francis Wallace. 84m/B VHS . Humphrey Bogart, Sylvia Sidney, Eddie Albert, Joan Leslie, Sig Rumann, Cliff Clark, Charles Foy, Frank Wilcox; D: Ray Enright; W: Barry Trivers, Fred Niblo Jr.; C: Sid Hickox; M: Heinz Roemheld.