The Wall 1999

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The Wall ★★★ 1999

Three stories that focus on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and some of the objects left there. “The Pencil Holder” finds young Ben Holst (Blumas) living with his stiff-necked Army colonel father (Olmos) in Saigon in 1969 where he's mistaken by a dying soldier (Chevolleau) for his own son. “The Badge” is the good-luck toy sheriff's badge that black soldier Bracey Mitchell (Glover) clings to as he hides from the Vietcong and dreams of home. “The Player” is conniving wheeler-dealer Bishop (Whaley), who runs a base nightclub and gets his comeuppance from self-sacrificing soldier Luis (DeLorenzo), who's a guitar-playing whiz. 94m/C VHS, DVD . Edward James Olmos, Richard Chevolleau, Trevor Blumas, Dean McDermott, Savion Glover, Ruby Dee, Martin Roach, Linette Robinson, Frank Whaley, Michael Delorenzo, Ron White, Matthew Ferguson; D: Joseph Sargent; W: Scott Abbott, Charles Fuller, Patrick Sheane Duncan; C: Donald M. Morgan; M: Larry Brown. CABLE