Village of the Damned 1995

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Village of the Damned ★½ 1995 (R)

The quiet town of Midwich, California, has been enveloped by a strange force that seems to have impregnated the local women. The albino children born of this incident have disturbing telepathic powers that they display through their bright orange and red eyes—supposedly precipitating a plot to take control. A pale remake of the 1960 British horror classic, which was based on John Wyndham's novel “The Midwich Cuckoos.” Fails to capture the eeriness of it's predecessor and is bogged down with awkward casting, absurd dialogue, and a brood of children with glowing eyes that make them less like a threat and more like Nintendo addicts. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Christopher Reeve, Kirstie Alley, Linda Kozlowski, Mark Hamill, Meredith Salenger, Michael Pare, Peter Jason, Constance Forslund, Karen Kahn; D: John Carpenter; W: John Carpenter, David Himmelstein; C: Gary B. Kibbe; M: John Carpenter, Dave Davies.